Saving my Couch | Fabric Shaver

I just wanted to do a quick post about a little miracle worker I found at Walmart.

We have this couch in our front room that Bora loves! She jumps on it, leans against it, sleeps on it, buries her head in the cushions… Needless to say, it was looking awful!

The fabric was getting those little balls that you get on clothes!  This cushion is the “good” cushion. I found this amazing little fabric shaver at Walmart for about $8.  

Bora says hi! 

It was super easy to use!

  • Remove the cap
  • Add batteries (not included)
  • Turn on and run the machine over the fabric, lightly.

Here is the same cushion after! I could not be happier with the result. 

 I would highly recommend this to anyone, and it has multiple uses. Bring on winter and all the sweaters!

2 responses to “Saving my Couch | Fabric Shaver

  1. I found your blog looking up a diy project, and noticed you have Paleo recipes as well. Now that’s a great two for one deal :) Do you think the fabric shaver would work on blankets and towels? I have some that are shedding a bit of lint.

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