Finally Painting | Part One

We will have been in the house for a year on September 12, 2015.  It went by so fast, I can barely believe it.  I have loved every minute of owning our own home.  We did not paint any rooms because when we moved in, everything was painted a really light tan/off white.  I did not hate it, and it went with all our furniture, so I was in no real rush to paint.  Besides painting sucks, lets be honest.

Well, almost a year later, we decided it was finally time to add some color.  I am surprised at how easy we have agreed on colors OR Bobby is just being great and agreeing with whatever I like.

We are doing one room at a time and breaking it up over a couple weekends.  We would rather not spend all the money on paint at once.  Thankfully we had rollers and most of the other painting supplies already!

This last weekend, we (I paint and Bobby helps me prep! I am too controlling and he is a tad too messy) painted our downstairs room Rejuvenation by Behr.  It is a nice green color.  Here is a sneak peak of the color on the walls:


I will show a full room picture when we get pictures and shelves up on the wall.  We are also planning a pallet wall or some other type of accent wall for the TV wall.  Ideas are appreciated :)

There are the other two colors we plan on using in the living room and the Master Bedroom

Bedroom: Dragonfly by Behr– Our accent colors will be a Brown and other teals, creams, so this pre-loaded picture from the Behr Color Smart App worked well.  I want to do an accent wall in here, but Bobby isn’t too sure :) Come back for an update in a few weeks!


Living Room: Ottertail by Behr– I just like this color and it will match the light tan that we are keeping in the kitchen for now.  Most of the kitchen walls are covered in subway tile, so I do not feel like painting in thereIMG_7047

This app was such a fun way to play with colors and it helped assure me that I like the colors we had planned on using!

After we paint, comes the fun part!  We get to go shopping for frames, art, materials for the corner floating shelves we are going to build, and all the other accessories to pull these rooms together.  I am so ready to see my visions come to life.

Have you painted anything lately?  Do you have a messy significant other that is not allowed to paint?  Have you spent farrrr to long playing on this app?!

I cannot wait to show you all the final results.  Next up–the bedroom :)



Thank you

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