My Sister’s 22nd Birthday Cake Pops | Marble Effect

My little sister just turned 22 this week.  We are both old. At least, I feel old. It is weird.  The other day, a high schooler came to do the door selling something and Bobby told him we graduated in 2009 and the boy said “oh so a long time ago.” Wait… What? Was it really that long ago?  Eh.

My sister wanted cake pops to take to Buffalo Wild Wings for her and her friends to eat.  I used what I had already at home and came up with these.


I really like the way they turned out.  I loved the color combo with the sticks, the glittery pink ones, and the plain sprinkles.  The marble ones were something I had never done before.  Some turned out better than others, but for a first try, they were all usable.  Which is the goal when ever I am making cake pops.


I wanted an easy way for her to carry them around, so I wrapped them each up and put them in a bowl from the dollar store and then put a gift card in there for food and drinks that night.


Happy Birthday Megan!!

4 responses to “My Sister’s 22nd Birthday Cake Pops | Marble Effect

    • Thanks! I started by dipping in the white and not tapping any of the candy melt off. I moved it over to a seperate bowl and piped on the color I wanted all over (thick) and then I started to tap off the excess and turn the pop as you go to create the marble effect

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