Cupcakes and Weddings

We went to a few weddings in September.  They were very different, but both were beautiful and full of love, friends, and good food.

The first was in a super cute backyard in Loveland, CO.  Now, when I say backyard, I mean LOTS of land with a pretty RIVER in the back and their own private lake. It was perfect weather, beautiful setting, and the decor and style fit the couple perfectly. There was a live band, who were old friends of the couple (I believe), a food truck which made set up and clean up so easy for everyone, beautiful flowers and drinks, and dessert was these adorable ice cream sandwiches.

Bobby and I rarely ever dress up, so these weddings were fun because I made him wear nice clothes :)





The second wedding took place in a Rose Garden and the bridal party and bride were all driven up in different Subarus.  The couple both have a Subaru and love them, so this was such a cool idea.  This wedding was super unique; with Harry Potter decor and a little bit of Star Wars all thrown in.  The flower girl, wore a Hogwarts cape and threw feathers down the aisle.  So CUTE! I took so many pictures at the reception because it was so well put together.


Bobby did not want to take pictures… he also did not want to take pictures of me, so I did not get any good ones.  Once again, we dressed up, and I just wanted to show it.

OH, and I had the privilege of making the cupcakes!




To keep with the Harry Potter theme, and the Red/Gold colors, I included a butterbeer flavored cupcake, a snitch, and a few other HP details.


These were on all the tables.


A few other desserts. Chocolate Frogs and snitches.

IMG_8046 (1)

A little twist on the traditional Mr. and Mrs.


Some more HP themed decor. There was a man dressed up as Ollivander handing out these wands.  He did a great job and never broke character.

Both weddings were so amazing in their own ways, and we were so happy to be a part of both couple’s big days.

Thank you

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