Pumpkin Pickin

In 24 years, I had never been to a pumpkin patch. I wanted to go this year, despite feeling like it was  only for little kids and families. Do you ever just have that feeling, like you are too old for something.  I cannot wait to have kids so I can do all the fun, kiddy stuff again, and probably enjoy it more than they do.

There is a pumpkin patch about 5 minutes from our house, which was nice.  We were about to drive over an hour to a different farm, and decided to check here first. There is always a corn maze there, but we weren’t sure if there was a pumpkin patch.IMG_0238It was a pretty, sunny day and there were lots of pumpkins to choose from.  We walked around, took pictures, looked for the perfect, but not to big to carry around… pumpkin and then lastly, we waiting in line for like 30 minutes to pay. Only one person checking people out… come on!

I learned a few things this day:

  • Pumpkins are pokey and have sharp little things all over the stem
  • People with wagons are way smarter than we are
  • Do not wear boots or anything with even a small heel of any kind, or you will probably almost fall 10 times while walking on the lumpy ground
  • It was fun regardless, and I liked picking my own pumpkins from the ground and not a big cardboard bin from King Soopers

Here are a few pictures from our day…IMG_0082





And here the pumpkins are at our house…

IMG_0258 IMG_0259Have you been to a pumpkin patch before? Did it take you 24 years? I think I am going to make this a new tradition for us!

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