Cakepops | October 2015

Since the last time I posted, I have made  A LOT of cake pops, and instead of posting them all individually… I am going to make a few monthly compilation posts :)

I hope you enjoy and as always, contact me for orders in the Denver, CO area.  I would love to help you create the perfect cake pops for any event.

IMG_0390IMG_0398IMG_0496IMG_0515IMG_0506Most were Halloween orders, so you will see multiples across the different orders.  This year, I added a few new designs: Dracula, Monsters, and a different style ghost than in the past.  I especially loved the orange and pink bucket order.  It was fun to do a little twist with the colors and make them a little girly.= IMG_0384This order was hard.. haha but they still turned out pretty cute. (the “MAC” on the lipstick, should have been vertical..ooops) IMG_0483This order was for one of my oldest, best friends.  She works at H&M, and her store added a HOME section.  So for the grand re-opening, I made these cake pops; inspired by the pillows, throw blankets, and colors from the collection.


Thank you

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