Cake Pops | December 2015

December is always a busy time for Cake Pops orders, and I love all the options that the holidays have to offer for designs. There are just so many options.

Each year, I try to add a few new designs or improve some existing ones.  I added quite a few this year that I was really happy about..I changed my reindeers, tried elves, Olaf, penguins, presents, and made some new simple designs that screamed Christmas!

IMG_1528IMG_1566IMG_1551IMG_1573IMG_1572The new reindeers were my absolute favorite!! They just had more character then the ones I made in the past.

I also had a few other orders in December that were so fun! IMG_1360IMG_1384I am loving the glitter in the last two orders.  It just adds such a fun pop and texture.

Contact me from my Home Screen to place your own custom order!

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