Cakepops | November 2015

Here are the cake pops I made in November 2015!  There were so many fun and different designs in November.  I love challenging myself, and I love it even more when they turn out well. :)

This first order was for a Baby Sprinkle.  I had no clue what that was, I had to ask haha. In this case, it was a smaller second baby shower.  I used the “Oh Boy” Invitation for the design and loved how they turned out!

Processed with MoldivThe customer then took the cake pops and placed them in her DIY buckets.  She used plain white buckets wrapped in matching Washi Tape.  So cute and so easy! I love when customers make cute displays with the cake pops.  IMG_1100This Avengers order was for a friend’s little boy; just for fun.  What good parents :) These were so fun to do and also made me VERY nervous.  I have seen all the Avengers movies, and still had to look up each character to make sure I got the details right.  Loved them!IMG_1130Another smaller, Super Hero/Boy Baby Shower order. So cute and I loved the little batman. I hand cut these mustaches out of fondant, and after that, I decided I need to find a mold for next time.  IMG_0781We had a Broncos fan! For this simple order, I used the Bronco’s colors and added the client’s last name and her age to personalize it. IMG_0871As always, if you live in the Denver area and are interested in custom cake pops, please contact me from my home page!

Thank you

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