Family Pictures

This year I wanted to give my parents some pictures of my sister and I as a present for Christmas.  I figured we could take a few pictures and put them in a frame since we hadn’t had any professional pictures taken in probably 5-6 years.

I took advantage of Bobby having so many amazing photography friends, and asked one of them to take some for us.  I roped in Bobby, my sister’s boyfriends and the dogs for the pictures too!

They turned out amazing and it was so hard to keep them a secret. It was a great spot, right next to our house and the weather was perfect.

Group Photo w-o Dogs-1Bobby & Courtney next to water stream with dogs -1Bobby & Courtney leaning on tree (right)-1-2Bobby & Courtney on small bridge-1Bobby & Courtney next to water stream w-o dogs-1Bobby & Courtney Kneeled w Dogs-1Bobby & Courtney Kissing on the Small Bridge-1I was able to fit four of our favorites into a really cute frame we got from Target and my parents loved it.

Photography: Hunter Weeks

Thank you

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