DIY Bridesmaid Boxes

Picking bridesmaids is a big deal.  I wanted to ask mine in a cute way, and a personalized box seemed perfect.  I started by searching for ideas on  Pinterest. I found so many options, and I took some ideas from there, but I figured I would just go shopping and see what I could find.

I wanted each box to show a quick glimpse into my vision for the wedding.  It included the colors, different textures I was planning on using, and a cute little note that described the important stuff like their dresses, location, etc.

Here is what I came up with:

  • I used a piece of paper in one of my wedding color, and wrote Bridesmaid? on it. Simple and clear. On the other side of each sheet, I included a little note with some details on the wedding, and what I envisioned for their dresses. IMG_2365
  • I found Confetti Poppers in the Dollar Section at Target.  The confetti was tissue paper, cut into little circles.  They colors did not match my wedding scheme, so I just switched out that confetti for my own.  I bought little white heart confetti from a party store and picked out the white confetti from the original popper.
    • I also tied a piece of paper to each with the date of the wedding
  • I also bought clear rock candy at the party store.  I intended to write something like “I got my rock, here is yours”– but I ended up leaving them as is.
  • I bought some fake flowers in my wedding colors and added a few into each box
  • Each box also had the same lilac colored nail polish.
  • At Michael’s, I found metal magnets in each of their initials.
  • I went to Home Depot and found my colors in paint swatches.  I grabbed enough to cut up and tie together for each box.
  • I found the boxes at Michaels, as well.  I wanted to keep them light and write each of their names on the lids.IMG_2425
  • Lastly, I added a small candle from Bath and Body Works, in Fresh Cut Lilac, since I will be using lilacs in some bouquets.

They turned out exactly like I wanted and I had so much fun putting them together!


I cannot wait to celebrate our day with them!






11 responses to “DIY Bridesmaid Boxes

  1. These are beautiful! I am in the process of making my own bridesmaids boxes and having a hard time finding any? Can you share how much the boxes were at Michaels?

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