Cakepops | I Love Things That Match

I talked about how much my Boss loves to celebrate our birthdays in this post. So when her birthday came around, I wanted to make it special and fun!

We all pitch in money and rotate who is in charge of gathering the present, dessert, food etc.  This birthday was my turn for purchasing the presents. She always talks about TJ Maxx, so we knew we would want to get her a gift card.  The rest was pretty difficult to figure out.  As I started shopping, I was able to put together a theme and ended up with a some bakeware, flowers, candle, her favorite tea and a mug, and the gift card.

As soon as I bought the gift bag, I knew the colors I wanted to go with and it all came together.  I am so happy with how well everything coordinated.

IMG_3162I typically bring in the desserts for all of our birthdays, so I decided to bring cake pops and display them in one of the gifts. The colors were pulled from the bag, and the colors matched great!IMG_3177I also figured I would use the cup (I found at Target, with dots matching the bags), to display the flowers.  I thought that was a fun and unique way to show off her gifts.

At work, a co-worker decorated the office and I set everything up on her desk, surrounded by balloons. IMG_3182I wish I could do this kind of fun stuff for a living… that would be too perfect.  Maybe one day…


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