Christmas Clock gets a Home

I got a great clock for Christmas from Bobby.

About a month before Christmas, I was wandering around Hobby Lobby and came across a clock I fell in love with.  I had been looking for a large clock for quite some time, for a spot by our stairs, and thought this one would be perfect.IMG_3289Fast forward, three months… we finally hung it up!!

Now, we might have gotten around to it sooner, but I made a mistake. I did not notice that the hooks to hang it on were covered by cardboard, so I thought we were going to have to attach something to the clock and then hang it. BUT there were hooks, and that made our job much easier!

We added anchors into the wall and hung it! I like to use the tape method when I hang frames, pictures, etc. I feel it makes it so much easier.IMG_3281IMG_3268Add tape so that it touches both hooks, make a hole where each nail would rest. Remove the tape and attach it to the wall.  IMG_3276I measured out the wall and found where to hang the tape so that the clock would be centered on the wall prior. IMG_3278IMG_3288Here is a Before and After.. The Clock added a great focal point for the main living space, and I am so glad we finally hung it up

Is there anything lying around your house that you just keep putting off hanging?? It always seems like such a task, until we finally do it.

Thank you

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