Easter Eggs 2016 | 3 Designs

This past Saturday, I went to my parents to dye easter eggs. It is funny how I loved dying eggs as a kid, then in my teen years I was uninterested, and now I am all about it again.  Who says 25 is to old to dye eggs :)

Bobby was in the mountains for a hockey game, so I figured this would be a great day to do it, because he didn’t share my excitement.

My mom bought a normal dye kit; with pink, green, blue, yellow, and orange dye.  It also came with a wax crayon.  I decided to also try a few other things– oil and baking soda/vinegar experiment.

IMG_3530IMG_3523IMG_3534IMG_3537The baking soda idea came from Facebook.  Since I mixed the dye with vinegar, adding the baking soda paste was supposed to make the dye fizz and create a cool effect.  BUT we did something wrong, and it did not fizz.  However, it still created a cool look.  IMG_3536IMG_3547The next technique is probably my favorite and the easiest.  Just add oil into your dye. IMG_3550You can tell in the picture above, that the oil sits at the top an when you drop the egg in, anything that touches the oil does not take dye. It creates a really cool effect, and is even better when you use multiple colors. IMG_3553I only made a few, but it was fun! My sister made deviled eggs the next day, which are a holiday favorite.

Anyone else out there fall in love with dying eggs again? I need to borrow some kids to do it with next year :) haha

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