About Me

Over the last year I have found a love for baking, cooking, DIY projects & blogs. Now, I want the chance to document these ideas of mine for all to see. I am proud of the projects, recipes, and cake pops I have made and would love to share the how-to behind the projects. As well, as other random things going on in my life!

Photo Credit: Alex Takes Photos
-I am 24 years old
-That man up there ^ is amazing. We have been together since we were seniors in high school & every day just keeps getting better.  He makes appearances on the blog every once in awhile.
– I live in Colorado. I was born here and then moved to Reno, NV and moved back when I was 5
-I recieved my bachelors degree in Human Services in 2013, and my concentration is in addiction studies (counseling).
-I am currently working full-time as an accounting technician with the University of Colorado.
-I make and sell cake pops and cup cakes.  Locals, please email me if interested. Use the email icon on my home page :)
-We bought our first home in September 2014 and got our first puppy, named Bora, in October.  She is the best dog ever and you will see her A LOT :)

Thank you

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